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Where do I even begin? Let’s hammer the easy stuff out in the beginning; My name is Logan Brown, I’m a full time musician, songwriter and guitarist. I’m one half of the indie/jazz duo Taylor Angus, and I love being the centre of attention. I’ve always been a ham, I have a healthy dose of drama in me and I will always give it my best effort to get a laugh out of someone. Whether you are the crotchety old timer at the bank, the first day on the job McDonalds teen, or the airport security, if I get a smile I win.

Truthfully, I never wanted a website, they are expensive and way to much work with someone who only recently figured out what FPS stands for. Yet, alas, here I am putting this thing up so I can send my podcast out to various areas and hopefully get a laugh out of lots of people. I love radio, the idea of sitting down in my sleeping wear and firing off my opinion and my favourite tunes to the far reaches of the internet warms my cold heart.

So sit back and enjoy, still have questions? Wanna know more about me? Then click on that podcast button and take a journey!